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We’re not just in it for the pancakes! Read what we’ve been up to. Once our syrup season is done we move to the garden and get planting so we can provide our local Farmer’s Market with delicious salad greens, and eventually other veggies like beans, beets, hot peppers, tomatoes and squash (to name a few).

2024 Kicks Off

With the winter having been so mild, we could be tapping syrup as early as February.

Winter Solstice 2021

The darkest day of the year. The first day of winter. Also, the last day before it starts to get light again. A time to reflect and a time to look ahead.

2021 Update

We are grateful to be where we are. However, we miss our friends and families that we are unable to visit, and long for warmer summer days on the lake.

2020 UPDATE!!

With all adversity comes the potential for growth and we’re doing our best to focus on the positive in these crazy weird times.

The Fall is our favorite time of year next to Spring

When the sun is out the colours of the trees just explode with beauty. 

Spring is here!

Sap is flowing (intermittently). We've tapped 270 trees this season. Just enough to get a few good batches. We decided to leave out quite a few trees this year.

Happy Holidays from Garside Garders

Well it's finally December. The time of year where the daylight hours are few (in the North especially) and the cold season of Winter approaches.

Fall Has Arrived!

This time of year is lovely. No bugs, cooler weather, and eventually a variety of colours all around us.

Website is Live!

‘Coming Soon’ were the words that used to meet you on our old site. ‘Soon’ turned into something like 2.5 years; some call it Island Time.

Our First Blog Post

Mike and I are gearing up for another syrup season on beautiful St. Joseph Island, Ontario, Canada.

Quality over Quantity at Garside Gardens.