February 9, 2021 • Farm

Garside Gardens 2021 Update

Well here we are. 2021. Who knew that we would all be where we are right now…more or less all where we were about a year ago. Living through a serious world event.

snowy forest

While the pandemic continues on and vaccines slowly make their way into peoples arms, life continues as well. Albeit altered and unusual, for us things haven’t changed a whole lot. We are fairly isolated naturally and the caseload in our catchment area has been low compared to big city hot spots in Canada. We are grateful to be where we are. However, we miss our friends and families that we are unable to visit, and long for warmer summer days on the lake.

As it is Mike has been keeping busy with the new saw mill we got last fall. We’ve built a new chicken coop at the house and a car-port for the tractor and the mail buggy. I have been working delivering mail and dare I say a unprecedented number of parcels to my community. I’m happy to have work during this time of crisis, but I am looking forward to taking some time off for syrup season.

Speaking of syrup season. It is upon us again! Our order for supplies has been put in and we are excited to tap some more Birch trees this year. If only to make a personal supply of Birch Water. We shall see. We plan to attend the Hilton Beach Farmers Market again this summer provided everything is safe to do so. Otherwise, if you are in the market for the good stuff contact us through facebook or email or give us a call. We have some stock left from 2020 (mostly 500ml and 250ml glass bottles).

Anyway, we are keeping a pretty low profile online these days. Still trying to minimize social media use. I will periodically update things when they happen so stay tuned!

Hoping you all stay safe and take good care,
Janise and Mike

Quality over Quantity at Garside Gardens.