September 10, 2020 • Farm

2020 UPDATE!!

And just like that summer is over and Fall has arrived (or, at least the weather has). I want to say, this has been an exceptionally odd year in so many ways. For obvious reasons living through a global pandemic can take a toll on us all, and it has indeed wearied us over the last several months. However, with all adversity comes the potential for growth and we’re doing our best to focus on the positive in these crazy weird times.

2020 Farm update

Our Syrup season was short and sweet. There was potential to run for almost 3 weeks later than we did, but we decided this year we’d take ‘er easy and not run ourselves into the ground. With no visitors allowed this year it was a quiet season.

After deciding not to attend the farmers market early this year, we ended up being one of only three vendors, and we had a great summer serving our local community fresh veggies and a variety of delicious maple products. Mike and I want to give a big shout out to the community that helps supports us every year, and especially to those who came out for the first time this year and found a small gem in Hilton Beach. We will return next year for sure.

So aside from doing what we normally did this summer was very hot and as a result much time was spent outside away from the computer and out on the lake. The rain cooperated very well with us this year allowing us to not worry excessively about drought. 2019 and 2018 were very dry years and as a result did a number on our pond water levels. This year was more forgiving, but our pond is being over taken by cat tails – there’s always something. Time to look into what we can do with those.

Anyway, we are into fall mode now. The majority of our harvesting is done for the year with the exception of Tomatoes and peppers that are in our greenhouses. Soon the snow will fly and we’ll be looking forward to another syrup season. Hopefully one with a few more visitors, even if they have to be physically distant.

There will likely be another update in the coming months, but until then stay safe and take care!


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