Syrup Season 2023 a Success!

Hello Syrup Fans,

First off, thank you for your patience with our complete lack of communications. Without internet on site we’ve been traveling down the road to Mike’s parents to do all our business things and it just hasn’t been practical to do anything here until now! We are BACK! That still likely means updates will be sparse (keep reading to see why!), but at least we can get back in touch with folks who would like to buy our syrup more easily and effectively.


Mike and I are happy with the quality of the syrup this year. We finished up our Birch, Birple and Birch/Maple Water runs at the end of April. This season was strange weather wise (that seems to be the new normal here and everywhere else). With fairly warm temperatures in early March, Mike tapped in early and we caught a few good runs that boiled down nicely to our first three batches. The middle of the month we basically collected roughly 30 gallons a day, pasteurized it and waited until the next day to do the same thing again. With overnight freezing temperatures keeping the lines frozen for most of the days in mid March we had to adapt. Eventually come end of March things opened up and then about a week later it was nearly 30 degrees for 3 days which ended things for us. We were wading through two feet of slush to un-tap this year – very wet cold feet, while very warm air temps. It all finished up ok though, so can’t complain too much.

We’re adding our products to the site so potential buyers can see what we have and contact us directly if they want to buy from us. We will ship anywhere via Canada Post (CP), or another courier if desired. Prices range between 15-50 bucks for shipping depending where it’s going. International destinations being more pricey generally. CP has flat rate boxes and we’ve found them to be good means of shipping in the past – at a reasonable cost of ~$25. That’s for anywhere in Canada.

Otherwise, we’re starting our house build at the Farm and that will likely eat up a lot of our time this year, but I hope to keep you all posted on how things are progressing with that, the garden and the market this summer as well.

That’s it that’s all for now!




Quality over Quantity at Garside Gardens.