Syrup Season 2022

Syrup Season 2022 has arrived! We finished tapping in yesterday with a total of 310 taps. The line system is clean and we are collecting crystal clear sap today while we prepare the shack for boiling. Batch one should be bottled over the weekend!

man in snowy maple tree forest setting up tapping lines

It’s a funny thing. No two seasons are ever exactly the same. The timing is always a bit different. The weather. The configuration of the sap lines. It seems we’re always tweaking the system a bit. Changing it up to try and make it the most efficient. The past few weeks in bush two Mike installed posts to support the main lines instead of using trees for side saddles (ways to keep the main lines tight). Bush two is all done and next winter will see bush one re-done with posts as well. This is a step towards a more permanent configuration for us which is what we need.

As we were tapping in we were able to see just how much the wind/tornadic/ice storm events of the last 10 years have affected our sugar bush. For example on one of our lines there used to be 50 taps, and this year we totalled 38 with the potential for 40 on that line. Some trees are blown over, or have died. Our trees border a swamp and are already vulnerable from past afflictions such as the maple borer and cankers. We have very few young healthy trees coming up in the understory, so it will be interesting to see what our options will be in the next 10 years. Mike and I have discussed spreading compost to help the few younger trees we do have. Along with whatever we can do to control pests like the Asian long-horned Beetle, gypsy moth, and others (destroying them or their eggs when we see them).

All that aside, we are excited for this syrup season. In addition to syrup we will also be bottling Maple and Birch Water this year to sell at the Farmers Market in Hilton Beach and the farm gate. We’re also daydreaming about our garden for the coming summer, so more to come on that note once syruping is over.

ALSO, this year we’ll be doing a give away. Our first!! So stay tuned for that.

Here’s to another great season!

man in snowy maple tree forest setting up tapping lines

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