SNOW is the word.

The news I’ve been reading online says that Syrup Season 2019 has begun in Ontario. Well I’m not sure what part of Ontario they are referring to but it definitely isn’t happening up here.

a man shovelling many feet of snow off the roof of a rustic house

deep snow in a forest of maple and birch trees

It’s been a series of snow plowing events since January, and as you can see in the pictures our lines and buildings are partially burried. So, it will probably be closer to the end of March before we start tapping in. Our eyes are on the long range forecast and guess what’s in store for us? Snow. More snow.

In other news we’ve decided to tap about 300 trees this season. Small batches of quality syrup is what we’re all about and that should be enough to make it happen!

We’ll keep you all posted when things more syrup related start up here. It’s coming soon, so stay tuned!!


Quality over Quantity at Garside Gardens.