Market Saturdays

Summer is winding down on the Island, and so are the days left for harvesting and selling at our local Farmers Market in Hilton Beach.

Farmers Market in Hilton Beach

This season has been great so far, as people are responding well to the new location down by the water, and the general super selection of yummy foods and amazing craftsmanship on the Island.

Our last market day is September 8th, which means there are only 3 Market days left this season! Where has the time gone!?

If you haven’t yet checked out the market in Hilton Beach, then come on down and enjoy what your little village market has to offer. This coming week we’ll have more of our delicious beans, beets, kale, cherry tomatoes, as well as more corn from North Shore Produce.

We hope you can make it out, otherwise we’ll hope to see you at one of the other local events around town, or perhaps on your next summer excursion to St. Joseph Island next summer!


Quality over Quantity at Garside Gardens.