Happy 2019 from Garside Gardens!

Well, here we are. Happy 2019!! It’s -25 degrees Celsius and colder with the wind. There’s 2+ feet of snow and more falling what seems like every other day. A real Canadian winter!
a deer poking its head out from behind a snow bank in the woods

In the depths of all this winter weather we are preparing for the up-coming syrup season. We’ve ordered some of our bottles and have decided to tap around 450 trees this season.

There’s so much variability in our line of work. While it might be cold and snowy right now, it could be thawing out in just a short couple of weeks – and then it might get cold and snowy again. We’ve started monitoring the short and long term weather forecast because the transition to spring can happen quick!

Whatever nature has in store for us we’re getting ourselves set up to meet the challenges of the coming seasons.

In the meantime we’re dreaming of warmer days in our garden, ordering seeds and looking at pictures of the spring flora to come. Some of which I will be writing about next month in another post – so stay tuned!

Take care and stay warm!

-J & M

Quality over Quantity at Garside Gardens.