Update Update Update!

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted anything here, so it’s time to get up to speed!






It’s already July.  Time is absolutely flying by.  Things are starting to grow in the garden.  It’s a slow process, but sometime possibly in August (hopefully sooner) we’ll have some nice beets, carrots, tomatoes, zuchinis and peppers to bring to market.  Unfortunately our kale, beans and cucumbers were ransacked by some unknown critter.  It is nothing but frustrating to have built a fortress around our garden only to have it get knocked down by cunning deer or sneaky racoons.  Mike’s been working on fixing up the fence where it’s broken and getting the watering system working (which has been challenging to say the least).  It’s stinking hot out now and we’ve not seen much rain since the last post about torrential down pours back in early June.  The rain that did fall washed away and drowned some of our lettuce and spinach seed.  The joys of farming.

As a result of all these things we’ve only had a tiny bit of produce at the market table.  Last week we had some radish, lettuce and rhubarb.  We’ll likely have lettuce this Saturday and some garlic scapes along with all our tasty Maple products.  We’re looking forward to spending the afternoon at the Go North Music Festival in Richards Landing!  It’s going to be a good day.

I will try and update with some pictures of things at the farm in the coming weeks.  I also intend to add a recipe we recieved from a customer at the market for our Birple Syrup!

In the mean time, enjoy this beautiful warm summer we’re having and stop by the Hilton Beach Farmers Market on Saturdays to say ‘Hello!’.


Quality over Quantity at Garside Gardens.